Onnit Supplements Review + Alpha Brain Trial (for

Onnit Supplements Review

Today’s supplement market is overflowing with an array of options. Onnit Supplements, a company that specializes in “total human optimization,” has been able to set itself apart by offering more than just supplements- they offer unique fitness implements and protein powders for athletes looking to optimize their performance (notably the gym onsite). What are some drawbacks? Let's find out!

Who is Onnit?

Onnit Supplements was founded in 2011 by multisport athlete Aubrey Marcus. Onnit started with a single supplement, Alpha BRAIN and grew from there. In their mission statement they say that the company is committed to bettering mental, physical, and spiritual health of its customers through supplements like those for brain health or mood support. The product line also includes products focused on gut health as well as performance-based ones you might expect such as protein powder; all are backed by research conducted within the company's own lab facilities which can be viewed online alongside clinical trials done with formulas derived from these ingredients

Onnit is committed to their mission and has various locations where they can serve you. They have a gym, cafe, yoga classes at multiple location in Austin as well as online for those who live elsewhere. The supplement lineup from Onnit are all natural products that will benefit the mind and body while training with them or following Aubrey Marcus's podcast on this site about what it takes to be successful is also very beneficial resources available here!

All products are third-party tested for quality

Onnit is a supplement company with many supplements. The founder and team are committed to wellness, which means they provide the scientific studies behind their products so you know it's not just hype! Some of these supplements can be expensive but there are plenty that won't break your budget like New MOOD for an optimal serotonin level or Alpha BRAIN

to support memory, focus, and cognitive processing speed without taking up space in your wallet.

Exercise is hard. If you are training for a marathon, weightlifting, or just want more energy at the office than Total Human and Shroom Tech Sport have got your back! With powerful ingredients like adaptogens to help with hormone levels my next workout will be that much better.

Onnit offers a variety of protein powders, both plant-based and animal. You can buy them in two flavors or one flavor with added MCT Oil for energy support and digestive health.

Hemp has been a popular product for centuries, and now we have two great products to offer. With the potency of hemp in mind, it makes sense that this is our most potent product with 30mg per capsule! For those who want something less powerful but still sustainable-sourced and free of THC or contaminants, then try our CBD Hemp Oil Drops complete with 25mg each bottle (or 500 total).

This section will go over both amazing products from CBD Naturals: The Potent -30 mg capsules which include 60 doses per container; as well as their more mild dosage alternative at 10 mg/drop appropriate for sensitive users such as children or people new to taking medicine orally.


Joe Rogan might be popular, but there are a few things you need to know before diving into Alpha BRAIN. First off, the supplement relies heavily on vitamin B6 and some amino acids as its main ingredients. This isn't bad in theory; however, if taken without any other nutrients or vitamins it can lead to deficiencies that could cause health problems down the line. It also doesn’t have much of anything else going for it: no antioxidants like Vitamin C or E nor does it contain omega-3s which is important because we all live an unhealthy lifestyle these days since most people don’t exercise enough given our sedentary lifestyles from sitting at desks all day long coupled with crap foods high in sugar and carbs being too easy

Bacopa monnieri is an herb that has been shown to improve memory and cognition, but the standard dose for it is 300 mg- a serving of Alpha BRAIN only contains 100mg. Huperzine A seems to be included in effective doses which have been shown promote acetylcholine, also known as the “learning neurotransmitter”

This supplement has been endorsed by prominent people

It is not easy to assess the potency of many supplements because there are no labeling requirements.

Many ingredients in proprietary blends remain a mystery, and as such it can be difficult for consumers to determine just how much they’re getting from their supplement. For example, if an individual takes one pill each day that contains five grams of active ingredient X with 1% margin for error on both sides this means that he or she could actually only have received two grams per week but still believe they were taking ten pills worth over time without knowing any better

Alpha BRAIN is very expensive considering its ingredients

The Alpha Brain supplement contains a mixture of ingredients to help you think better, including; Alpha GPC and HuperziaSerrata. Other key ingredients include Pterostilbene, L-Leucine, Vegetarian Capsule (Cellulose), Bamboo Silica, Phosphatidylserine AC11(UncariaTomentosa). Celebrity Joe Rogan has been seen on social media promoting the product as much as we love him he also owns part in Onnit so be sure to take that into account before buying it from them!

The key ingredient found in this brain boosting formula is none other than alpha gpc which helps with mental alertness along with huperziaserratea


New MOOD is a mood enhancing supplement that contains 5-HTP, L-tryptophan and other natural ingredients. These are supposed to help your body synthesize serotonin which can lead to an elevated or relaxed feeling depending on what you need. However, some research has found it doesn’t work for people with depression so be careful if this applies to you! The rest of the supplements include magnesium, valerian root (which act as relaxants), and lemon balm (a hypnotic) designed for deep sleep without nightmares

One of the most overlooked steps to relaxation is food. Unless you are eating like a bird, it's likely that your diet contains too much caffeine and sugar. These ingredients are mainstays in relaxation supplements because they work by suppressing adrenal gland function which eventually leads to an increase in serotonin levels - one of the happy hormones! There is no point using this supplement if you're already feeling tired or fatigued during the day as these conditions can reduce our ability for proper digestion and absorption from nutrients found within foods we eat. Using just 5-HTP means there may not be enough variety for those with different needs so combining its benefits with other active ingredients such as GABA will provide more solutions than taking just 1 ingredient alone

While some people might

The day pack includes most of their top sellers:

We all know the power of a good workout. When you're in-between sets or struggling with mental toughness, it's always nice to have an extra pick me up. The MOOD pack from Onnit is perfect for those days when you need that little bit more energy and focus before going into your next set!

Shroom TECH Sport

Onnit's Shroom TECH Sport is a blend of herbs from traditional medicines. One major ingredient in this drink, Cordyceps sinensis (the mushroom that inspired the "shroom" in the name) has no research supporting Onnit’s claim that it supports endurance. Adaptogens like Ashwagandha and rhodiola are other ingredients you will find alongside concentrated green tea extract and vitamin B-12 within these pills to give your body what it needs for an athletic lifestyle with high energy levels so you can go through training without feeling tired all day long!

This formula combines several popular workout supplements

It's worthwhile to note that there are no formal studies substantiating the claims of Onnit.

The lack of research is a red flag for many people, and it should be noted by prospective customers who want to know more about this company before taking their products home with them.

As with most Onnit supplements, this one is also fairly costly

Onnit has an impressive list of testimonials and a history as a successful company, but many people are hesitant to purchase their products because there is no formal research backing up the claims.

Pre Workout

Like Shroom TECH Sport, this pre-workout formula called Total Strength + Performance has been tested in a double-blind trial against a placebo. It showed significant performance improvements over four weeks with major lifts like deadlifts and bench presses. The ingredients are somewhat unremarkable as well: high levels of B vitamins which can help improve energy production, 4.5g BCAA blend for muscle recovery to promote strength gains post workout; however the proprietary mix means you don't know how much each ingredient is there or what ratios they should be at - so it might not work best for everyone's body type!

One of the ingredients highlighted by Onnit is longjack, an herb that may improve power output. There’s only a small amount of research supporting this ingredient but it might be worth looking into more to see what really is going on with those individuals who claim they felt better after taking supplements containing LongJack and whether or not there was any cognitive enhancement as well.

Comes in a few different flavors

There's a lot to love about this supplement! First, they're designed for optimum delivery and effectiveness. This means that every ingredient is dosed at the perfect level so you don't have needlessly large dosages of anything or too many ingredients in your blend with not enough active compounds. You want it all-natural? Check out BCAA powder from Canada Organic Whey as an example - there are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners added here either which helps give their products natural taste that users rave over!

Onnit Protein Powders

For most athletes, protein is a vital part of supplementation. Onnit offers an array variety of proteins for those that are interested in supplementing their diet with these important nutrients:

Onnit’s collections include high-quality yet affordable options and come in varieties to fit any taste preference. The bars and bites can be a great way to enjoy some quality nutrition on the go without breaking your bank or dumping artificial sweeteners into your body!

Powders and snacks are nutritionally balanced

Mexican chocolate isn't the only exciting flavor that Almond Breeze offers. Some other popular options are French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Dutch Chocolate. These products might be a little more expensive than those from its competitors but with so many different flavors to choose from it's worth every penny!


The new wave of MCT oil can now be found in every corner grocery store, and the buzz has been nothing but positive. The product is touted to increase energy and boost metabolism due to being metabolized quickly by the body. Some research suggests that it may encourage fat burn as well; however, its effects are not dramatic nor miraculous.

MCT oil is a great way for dieters to consume enough healthy fats when they're restricting themselves on food. However, Onnit seems to overstate the benefits of MCT oil a bit so it's important not take these claims too seriously if you're still trying to figure out what works best for your body in different situations and contexts. Total Gut Health includes several ingredients that can help balance gut flora- this might be something worth considering! While most people benefit from prebiotics and probiotics, there are some who don't find any value in those supplements as well - just makes sense because everyone has their own individual needs.

The benefits of digestive enzymes and betaine HCl are not as clear-cut

The ins and outs of digestion, such as the use for stomach acid or pancreatic enzyme supplements to aid in digesting food better have never been so murky.

Total Hemp

Onnit Founder Aubrey Marcus wanted to give people a product that was free of THC and would not make them feel "high". He started Onnat, the company has since grown exponentially.

Onnit's Total Hemp extract is made with VESIsorb technology for maximum bioavailability - making it much more effective than competing brands!

Marcus is a lifelong athlete and he used his knowledge to create supplements. He has an especially well-known podcast which covers more than just sports, but also the mind, body and spirit.

Joe Rogan and Onnit

Joe Rogan, world-renowned comedian and podcaster extraordinaire, has become a business partner at Onnit. He first met the company’s founder Marcus when he was marketing Fleshlights on his show in 2010; they struck up a deal to advertise for one another: Fleshlight sponsored Rogan’s podcast while Joe promoted their product through social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. The two have grown close over time due to their shared interests (wrestling being just one), with both of them using this bond to help build what is now considered an industry powerhouse within fitness supplements called Onnit Academy–Rogan often recommends many of these products from protein powder shakes like PlantFusion iced cacao coconut cream

Onnit Kettlebells

Joe Rogan, world-renowned comedian and podcaster extraordinaire, has become a business partner at Onnit. He first met the company’s founder Marcus when he was marketing Fleshlights on his show in 2010; they struck up a deal to advertise for one another: Fleshlight sponsored Rogan’s podcast while Joe promoted their product through social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. The two have grown close over time due to their shared interests (wrestling being just one), with both of them using this bond to help build what is now considered an industry powerhouse within fitness supplements catered towards men.

Joe “the rooster crower from hell” Rogan has been making waves throughout entertainment since appearing

How Do They Do Quality Control?

Onnit is a sport supplement company with certified quality. They only produce supplements in state-of-the art facilities that are all NSF International Certified, and there's always an opportunity to get some freebies! If you're not sure if the Onnit way of life will work for you, they'll give you up to 30 days worth of sample products just pay shipping and handling - which comes out at about $5-$12 depending on what it is.

Final Thoughts

I was looking for a way to spice up my life, so I decided that the best thing would be to try Onnit supplements. Their marketing is alluring and their branding promises only excellent products with no fillers or junk ingredients-- but when it comes down to what's inside of them, things get more complicated. It seems like they're either too cheap which means poor quality while others are just expensive rip-offs marketed as having some special ingredient in there when really you can find something better at your grocery store without any hassle!

Onnit has been able reach its audience through creative strategy; since many people know who this brand is now because of how much visibility it’s gained over time on social media platforms such as Instagram where

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