You Made It! Welcome To Our Tribe (of Strong Healthy Dads)

The world is a crazy place. And the advice that we see out there about health and fitness is pretty ridiculous.
Six pack this, bodybeach that...
But what about normal guys who want to get fit?
Busy dads who want to feel great.
Men with desk jobs who spend many hours sitting down.
How about we work on getting stronger, healthier and happier?
Superhero bodies are good for movies and comic books. Let's work on reality.
Let's fix that low back pain.
Improve the way we move.
Reverse the damage we get from sitting so much.
Eat good food.
Build mental toughness and resilience.
You'll see lots of crazy claims out there. Everything needs to be easy, fast, painless.
We won't make such bold statements here because we know that most good things need to be conquered.
At we believe that good things don't come easy.
We welcome the obstacle, the grind and the hussle. It's in those instances when one wants to to quit, that you end up finding true grit and determination.
That's how we achieve breakthroughs. And that's our way here. We hope you enjoy the ride and become part of this tribe.