A Buffalo Meat Protein Bar Stack Reviews The Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar

A Buffalo Meat Protein Bar? Review of the Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar

With the Onnit Warrior Bar, you can enjoy a protein bar that is made of real food and tastes like high-quality buffalo meat. Unlike most other bars on the market, this one doesn’t taste artificial or dry. In fact, it even has flavor! The Tanka company offers four delicious flavors in their product line including traditional bison chocolate chip cookies for an indulgent treat; spicy jalapeno pizza cookie with cheese which will satisfy any cravings after dinner; sweet texas barbecue beef jerky to curb your appetite as well as whet your palate for more adventurous culinary adventures; and Molokai Mule cocktail recipe featuring ginger beer giving you options beyond just eating plain old baked goods when hunger strikes.

There’s a new protein bar on the market which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to consume chalky, faux-chocolate taste. This product contains buffalo meat and dried cranberries so it tastes like real food! It basically resembles a hefty strip of beef jerky with two main ingredients that are healthy too. Most protein bars have artificial flavors such as “chocolate peanut butter” or “fudge caramel crunch,” but when you actually bite into them they don’t taste anything close to what their name says because they’re just dry/artificial tasting bricks instead of tasty treats from heaven.

The Tanka Onnit Warrior Bar is not your average protein bar. It forgos the chalky, faux-chocolate taste in favor of real food and has two main ingredients: buffalo meat and dried cranberries. This hearty snack doesn’t resemble a typical chocolate chip cookie by any means; it’s more like beef jerky on steroids! We tried this unusual treat to see for ourselves if its worth venturing off the beaten path for or sticking with our favorite cereal bars that we can get at every corner store around town (hint: they’re much less expensive).

The Fuel

Protein bars are a convenient snack for munching on to build muscle, increase performance, and stay energized. The Warrior Bar is incredibly low in calories and carbs but high in protein- making it the perfect choice for paleo eaters! With only 520 milligrams of sodium (not too bad if you follow your training with an iced coffee), this bar will help power through those tough workouts without breaking a sweat.

The Warrior Bar is a good option for athletes looking to take in a lot of protein without too many calories or carbs. Made with dried cranberries, the bar provides 8% fiber and 8% iron per day that are key nutrients for digestion and endurance respectively.

The Warrior Bar offers 12 grams sugar-a lower amount than most other proteins bars but still significant enough-likely due to the inclusion of dried cranberries. The nutrition facts make it an attractive choice overall where you can get your daily intake of both protein (8%) as well as essential vitamins like vitamin C at 4%.

The Recipe

The Warrior Bar is a bar that contains buffalo meat. A time when eating like our caveman ancestors seems to be become the new big thing, this product sounds intriguing. The main ingredient of their bars are buffalo and in comparison to most red meats, it has less calories and fat but higher protein content. We’ve written before about how great bison can be for you because they have lower calorie levels than other similar types of beef or pork yet meaning more protein which means better health benefits overall such as weight loss or muscle gain due its high-quality lean proteins found within them

The Warrior Bar is a great choice for those who are vegetarian or want to limit their meat consumption. The beef used in the bar comes from buffaloes that eat an exclusively vegan diet and do not receive antibiotics, hormones, nitrites/MSG during production. Ingredients include dried cranberries, sea salt, celery juice with encapsulated lactic acid as preservatives so it can be shelf-stable without compromising taste.

STACK staffer, Jimi Olasauna has been eating zesty buffalo meat since he was a child. “It’s nice to have an option that guarantees no nitrites and antibiotics,” said the STACK staff member who enjoyed his first taste of organic beef jerky last week at work.

In all, it contains only 12 ingredients: eight common seasonings and spices like chili powder, salt or garlic; dried cranberries which are used for their tangy sweetness; celery juice-which adds flavor as well as sodium content–and wild game meats such as bison (buffalo) from North America in this case. According to our own personal experience with Alala Bites’ organic snack packs on hand here at STACK offices

The Taste

The Warrior Bar was universally enjoyed by our staff. The combination of buffalo and cranberries actually goes well together, adding a nice kick to the savory-sweet taste. One staffer commented that it “wasn’t gamey” while another added that she found the addition of cranberry strange but good!

The Warrior Bar has a firm, chewy outer layer similar to jerky. The inside is dotted with cranberries and contains a soft center that can satisfy your hunger for hours. Some found the texture weird but others loved it because “it was natural” compared to other energy bars which contain artificial ingredients like beef dust held together by intestine.” As one editor said,”It’s surprisingly filling; you can eat it and feel full for awhile!”

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