The Science Behind Isometric Training: How It Works

Isometric training, often referred to as static strength training, has been a subject of interest for fitness enthusiasts and researchers alike. This form of exercise involves muscle contractions without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. The muscle length remains constant, and there’s no noticeable joint movement. But what is the science behind … Read more

18 Isometric Exercises To Practice At Home

As you know, here at Strong Healthy Dad we are firm believers in isometrics and bodyweight exercises. If you don’t know what isometrics exercises are, then you can read our ultimate guide here. In a nutshell, isometrics training is when you hold muscle contractions without moving any joints. So you are essentially just holding a … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Isometrics Training

Ultimate guide to isometric exercises

This is your ultimate guide to isometric training. (Bookmark for future reference. You’ll find yourself coming back here often.) In this guide, you will learn all things isometric. What it is. How it works. And why you should care. You’ll learn the best isometric exercises and how to train the right way. When it comes … Read more