6 Essential Oils For Sex Low Libido & Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

Sex and sexual pleasure has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. The Bible even mentions two famous lovers who enjoyed their lovemaking to the fullest, King Solomon from the Song Of Songs; he’s known as being one of history’s most prolific womanizers with 700 wives! It is important that we understand sex drive comes in many different shapes forms- some people enjoy it more than others do. If you have read this far into my post (or if your libido isn’t what it used to be), then essential oils might just help bring back those memories or rekindle them once again – something few things can achieve like they can!

You’re Not Alone

Want more sex, but don’t know how to ask? Essential oils can help. For men with low libido, essential oil might be the difference between a good and bad day in bed. Women also experience fluctuations during their lives that affect their sexual desire levels from time-to-time or chronically throughout life; it’s nothing to feel ashamed of! If you’re experiencing problems in the bedroom bring your concerns into open communication with partner as soon as possible so we can get back on track towards healthiness and intimacy again together.

One of the hardest things a Christian has to deal with is divorce. We wish you and your spouse all the best, as we hope that both of you can support each other in this difficult time without judgment or criticism from one another. Seek out God for guidance on what would be a loving solution to come up with together!

Low Libido & Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Low libido and erectile dysfunction affect people differently, can be caused by different things, and range from lifestyle influences to serious disorders. Listed below are some of the most prevalent factors that cause low libido:

If you’re one of many who has struggled with these issues in response to stress or normal hormonal shifts such as menopause, essential oils may soon become your new best friend!

6 Essential Oils for Sex

Who knew that something as simple and beautiful like flowers could be so powerful? There are many essential oils for sex out there, but one of the most popular is rose. As a pricey oil, it’s best to dilute in blends or heavy amounts depending on what you’re trying to do. You can get creative with how these aphrodisiacs can go into your daily life and romantic life by incorporating them wherever possible!

Jasmine can be added to a perfume or massage oil for both men and women. It is derived from delicate flower petals, has been well researched, and provides an alertness boost!

Essential oils are a great way to find relief for hormone-related mood swings like menopause. Clary sage, an essential oil with estrogenic properties that can help balance hormones and libido in women, is one of the best solutions you’ll ever need!

Ylang ylang is widely used as an aphrodisiac throughout the aromatherapy world and has been shown in studies to increase sexual arousal. Its gentle floral scent appeals to nearly everyone, which makes it a good choice for enhancing one’s mood with its pleasant aroma during sex or foreplay. It can be enjoyed on its own by diffusing some of this oil into the air around you or adding drops onto your pillow before bedtime (this way, you’ll create a calming environment). Alternatively, deepen that fragrance even further when blended with sandalwood essential oil! One application type worth noting is massage; dilute oils such as yangy-yang and neroli into carrier oils like jojoba waxes so both men and women

Neroli oil is not your typical antidepressant and hormone balancer. It helps relieve menopausal symptoms, increase sexual desire, and reduce blood pressure in postmenopausal women while also being a natural mood elevator for the mind! Diffusion or inhalation a couple of times each day can help you take control back from hormones making it another helpful option when libido is low due to them or stress.

Fennel is an all-around herb that has been historically used to increase milk secretion, promote menstruation, and alleviate the symptoms of female climacteric. Additionally fennel essential oil can be utilized in DIY lotion blends or massage oils for balancing effects.

As a whole herb Fennel seeds have been reputed to increase milk secretion, facilitate birth and alleviate the symptoms of Female Climateric (8). In addition many people believe that it strengthens libido levels as well because its estrogenic properties are still present when using Extracts from this plant such as Essential Oil for instance (9) This makes it perfect ingredient choice if you would like more balance with your hormones! Try adding some into your own homemade lotions

Learn what the research REALLY says about essential oils and libido in my 7-video series. You will get access to all of these videos today!

Message of Hope

Men and women of all ages have faced low libido, which can be a lonely battle. There’s no shame in being honest about the struggle or seeking help to find solutions! As an extra bonus, talking openly with your partner is important because it will increase intimacy between both partners as they work through their problem together. To relieve everyday stresses on everyone involved (which we sometimes forget are there), try this DIY blend for boosting libido: Diffuse it into a soothing massage oil containing almond/coconut carrier oils.

Simply blend one drop of each oil in a 10ml bottle with some carrier. Apply the roll-on to your pulse points for soothing relief!

When it comes to essential oils for sex, ylang ylang and jasmine are go-to oils that can be safely used as long as their dermal cautions are observed. They also make great options for massage oils!

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